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Author Ruthann Richter Published on

A study by Stanford scientists sheds new light on immune responses to genital Chlamydia trachomatis infection, and may also help inform the development of vaccines that protect against this bacterium.

Chlamydia trachomatis is an obligate intracellular bacterial parasite, meaning it can't replicate outside its host cell. Infecting about 130 million individuals annually, it is the most common sexually transmitted bacterium, says Tea Dress With Tie Back In Pastel Floral Pastel floral Fashion Union Clearance Latest ZW6Cg
, DVM, MD, principal investigator of the new study. In the United States, more than 1.5 million cases were reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2015. The actual number of cases are likely even higher, as Chlamydia infection is usually asymptomatic. While most Chlamydia infections in women are resolved without negative impact, when this bacterium invades the upper genital tract it can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, fallopian tube damage, and infertility.

Four years prior, Cherpes and colleagues reported that genital Chlamydia infection of women generates an inflammatory response called Type 2 immunity. This immune response was better known to dampen inflammation and promote tissue repair during chronic infection with extracellular pathogens such as flatworms, says Free Shipping Cheap Sale With Credit Card DENIM Denim shirts ROY ROGERS RUGGED St4cfuPkVF
, MD, the study’s first author. While Chlamydia is an intracellular pathogen, the investigators speculated that the robust Type 2 immunity seen in Chlamydia -infected women may similarly serve to promote repair of infected genital tissue.

The researchers used a mouse model to test this idea. “Mice do not precisely model the human response to infection, but we were able to show Type 2 immunity prevents Chlamydia from causing widespread upper genital tract damage,” says Cherpes, an assistant professor of comparative medicine.

The work, appearing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science , also uncovered that the key player in the Type 2 immune response to Chlamydia are eosinophils. These white blood cells are part of the innate immune response, already shown to promote muscle regeneration, reduce liver damage, and stimulate intestinal tissue repair in other experimental systems. “Our current findings confirm and extend these observations, identifying eosinophils as essential for repairing upper genital tract tissue after infectious insult,” says a third study investigator, Excellent For Sale Really Cheap Price Hilfiger Denim Mens Jeans Tommy Jeans Cheap Sale Best Place Cheap Sale Best Seller n2lIz
, MD.

Study authors further speculate their findings could shift current thinking about Chlamydia vaccine development. The World Health Organization prioritized Chlamydia vaccine development because of the sizeable impact of the disease on women globally, but most Chlamydia research efforts have focused on building vaccines to induce more pro-inflammatory Type 1 immune responses.

From the image above, we can see that we got 31 warnings for the "exported" rule. This rule is port of a built-in rule from golint which enforces practices for exported symbols (find the full set of rules ).

If we prefer to ignore these warnings for the entire project, we can use a config file in TOML format:

What if we want to disable a specific rule for only part of the file? In such case, we can use the following technique:

The annotations above disables all revive rules for the entire struct. In case we prefer to disable only the exported rule, we should use:

Keep in mind that comments which are meant for the linter, should not start with a whitespace. For more details see Free Shipping Cheap Quality Cheap Reliable Peplem Midi Dress Black Little Mistress Cheap Sale Enjoy Fashionable Sale Online Sq7yyn

Finally, if we want to ignore all files from a directory, we can use the -exclude flag:

The command above will lint all files from the current directory, excluding all files in tests , recursively. If we want to exclude more than one directory use:

In an image in the last section, we saw that by using a config file in TOML format, we could configure the execution of revive . Here’s an example config file:

Let’s quickly go over the individual properties.

The remaining lines are related to rule configuration. Each rule can be configured by setting its arguments and its severity. For example, the rule for cyclomatic complexity above, fails if in our codebase there’s a construction which exceeds the cyclomatic complexity of 10.

Each rule can be configured

Initially, I wanted to let developers use be able to create external plugins which later could be referenced by the configuration file and loaded dynamically. Unfortunately, -buildmode=plugin has very limited support with known issues .

Ignoring this limitation, there are other two easy ways to add new rules and run them against your code:

Keep in mind that to create a rule you don’t have to be familiar with the entire codebase. All rules are well encapsulated into visitors with simple interface. A sample implementation of arguments-limit could be found .

What about formatters?

Well, creating a new formatter is as simple as creating a new rule. Just implement the following interface:

Here you can find a sample implementation of a Satinpanelled embellished Vneck crepe gown Bottega Veneta Clearance With Credit Card w0YrokuzG

I run some basic benchmarks to compare the performance of golint and revive . Here’s what I found out after running both linters against kubernetes :

Since revive lints the individual files in separate goroutines, it outperforms golint about 4 times .

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